Biography of Jitulal (Jitendra Haridas Lal)


Jitendra Haridas Lal is a social activist and prominent industrialist of Jamnagar. He was born on December 5, 1967 in Modpur Ta. Lalpur, Jamnagar. He attended St. Xavier’s High School and earned his and LLB degree from D.K.V college and D.D Kotiawala respectively. Being born in the respected and politically oriented family he was inherited with leadership and management skills.

Jitu Lal was the youngest president in the history of Jamnagar Lohana Mahajan. He led The Seeds and Grain Merchant's Association, later on his hard work and dedication took him to be elected as president for consecutive years.

During that period, he not only worked in business and industrial field but also in maintaining law and order and human empowerment too. Followed by this, Jitu Lal was elected as president at Jamnagar Chamber of Commerce, formally known as Nawanagar Chamber of Commerce. He was the youngest president who was appointed for six consecutive years as president, in its seventy-five-year-old history, by amending chamber's constitution, with 2/3 majority. In his term of six years as president, he rendered his service to public and also requested central and state government to take concern on certain issues.

Jitu Lal was very active in rebuilding small enterprises and industries and to help micro businessmen to get back on their feet after devastating earthquake which hit Gujarat in 2001, he requested Disaster Management convener Mr. Sharad Power to approve the special scheme. In the reign of president at Jamnagar chamber of commerce, with support of Mr. Parimal Nathwani (Member of Parliament, Group President of Corporate Affairs at Reliance Industries Ltd) he raised funding of 1 crore 35 lakhs to build Dhirubhai Ambani Vanijya Bhavan.

He represented Jamnagar at London Chamber of Commerce in London, UK and did a live radio show and TV interview in London realising NRI and foreign investors the importance and rate of returns of investing in Jamnagar, which received a great response and was indeed a successful event. He played key role in eliminating toll tax at victoria bridge and octroi tax  in jamnagar. Railway overbridge, which is currently under progress also initiated due to his continued efforts.

There have been few incidents where he represented his respect and care for humanity like in time of drought, he made sure there was regular supply of 25 to 30 lakh litre of water from his farm free of cost to the farthest corner of the Jamnagar district and at times of heavy rains he also catered thousands of food packets in affected areas with the help of large number of volunteers.