With Honourable Chief Minister
Mr. Vijay Rupani


Jitu lal's Personal Portfolio

Jitu Lal is a public figure of Jamnagar known for his vivid identity in the area due to his dedication to social activities and public welfare.

Jitendra Haridas Lal (Jitu Lal) is a social activitist and a prominent industrialist of Jamnagar. Following the path of his father, Late Shri. Haridas J. Lal (Babubhai Lal), Ex. Minister of Gujarat Government, Jitu Lal has also been constantly putting efforts for the betterment of society. Apart from his social interest, he worked immensely for industrial growth, law and order, railway sector, co operative sectors and marketing yard (agriculture sector) etc.

Jitu Lal espouses the cause of his home district Jamnagar as well as other regional and national issues such as Economic Development, Education, Information Technology, Employment, Women Safety, Co-operative sector etc.

He loves to serve people and society and works for the same.

Positions Held:

President- Gujarat Barge Owner's & Operator's Association
Shree Jamnagar Lohana Mahajan (Youngest President)
The Seeds & Grain Merchant's Association Jamnagar
Senior Vice president, shri Lohana Mahaparishad

Ex. President- The Jamnagar Chamber of Commerce & Industry (First time in the history of chamber held the position of President for consecutive six years)

Executive Committee Member- Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Ex. Director- Agriculture Product Marketing Committee, Hapa (Jamnagar)

Director- The Jamnagar District Co. - Operative Bank Ltd.
The Commercial Co.- Operative Bank Ltd. – Jamnagar

Ex. Member - Zonal Railway Users' Consultative Committee, Western Railway.

Trustee :- Shree Haridas Jivandas Lal (Babubhai Lal) Charitable Trust - Jamnagar

Shree Bala Hanuman Sakirtan Mandal (Guinness World Records), Jamnagar

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